Plant Label Systems do not offer a labelling service but believes that you should have control over how you want them done and when you want them done. We recommend the Brother P-Touch Cube Plus labeling machine:

With the Brother P-Touch Cube Plus you can print them off your phone or from your desk top. This machine is less than $100 and available online and comes with software for you to design your own labels.

Note: The software for the phone (P-touch Design & Print app) is different to the desktop. The desktop version (P-touch Editor) has a lot more options and easier to use. The software allows you to choose sizes, fonts, lines, borders, images, logos, barcodes, QR codes and also allows you to download from a data base. It allows you to save your labels to use again later. There are numerous templates to choose from or design your own.

The tape cartridges are available online and are inexpensive. It is mere seconds to change out the cartridge. This machine handles all sizes up to 1” (24mm). The most common size you need for PLS label plates is 1” (24mm) but for the mini stakes – 1/2” (12mm) is required.

The cartridges comes in all color combinations but we recommend white print on a black background for maximum readability on PLS label plates. These labels are laminated and are designed for outdoors. They do not fade and do not come off.

If you need to replace a label – simply print a new label and place on top of old label. The length of the tape is 8 meters (26 feet) so you should get between 50 to 100 labels out of each cartridge. It works out at mere pennies for each label. It has an auto cut feature and also allows you to adjust the length of each label.